Recuperar Dados de HD
What is Data Restoration?
Recuperação de Dados - Consumidores

An overview of preparing data for successful E-Discovery

Data Restoration and E-Discovery
cataloguing services includes backup date, data
type, server name, email mailboxes, file listing type
The increase of electronic data coupled with esca-
and custom reporting. We can rapidly restore high
lating legal discovery and compliance requirements
volumes of data from any application and media
is driving the demand for powerful E-Discovery
including incomplete backup sets and inaccessible
solutions that can mine the data or Electronically
data. As a result, legacy data stored in out-of-date
Stored Information (ESI) for required information
or obsolete formats or damaged and inaccessible
such as email records, spreadsheets and other
media can be securely migrated to accessible
documents. However, before E-Discovery systems
storage media, speeding the E-Discovery process,
can effectively evaluate the data, it must be properly
lessening the time to review, and reducing IT and
prepared in consistent formats. In some cases,
corporate legal costs.
damaged media may need to be restored in order
to regain access to the data.
A Secure and Effective Solution
Seagate Recovery Services Data Restoration
Seagate Recovery Services supports the Electronic
solution supports any brand or type of media to
Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), recognized
make inaccessible data accessible to E-Discovery
worldwide as the standard for proper E-Discovery
systems. Our highly trained technicians evaluate
procedures. And, our Data Restoration labs are
and review the data requirements, then utilize the
ISO 9001:2000 certified so that we can offer you the
latest techniques and technology to restore and
safest and most effective way to prepare your data
migrate the data, preparing it for input into any
for the E-Discovery process.
E-Discovery review platform. Our Data Restoration
Recuperar Dados de HD
The Data Restoration Process
1. Receive
4. Filter
5. Prepare
2. Catalog
3. Restore
and Inventory
and Cull
Data Set
¢ Secure Transport
¢ Identify
¢ All Media Types
¢ Filter and Cull
¢ Creation of
and Storage
Available Data
and Brands
to Simplify
Load Files
¢ Chain of Cus-
¢ Determine Data
¢ Data From Any
Data Sets
¢ Content Reports
tody Controls
¢ Reduces Data
¢ Prevents Data
¢ Recover Damaged Volume
or Inaccessible
Seagate Recovery Services utilizes a five-step data restoration methodology:
Your data files
The media is
Targeted files
Data is culled
The restored
on tape or disk
catalogued to
are restored
and filtered
data is indexed
are securely
determine the
from the cata-
to reduce
and load files
level of data
logued media
data volume,
are created on
to one of
available and
and inacces-
making it
new storage
our certified
the relevancy
sible files are
easier and
media and
to the project.
recovered as
more cost
are ready for
and properly
effective for
input into an
received and
Managing the Complexity
discovery technologies. We leverage our heritage
as a part of the Seagate Technology family of
Data recovery, restoration and migration are among
companies to apply the latest techniques and tech-
the most complex activities to manage, predict
nology for successful data discovery and prepa-
and perform. Expert knowledge on a variety of
ration. Our ISO 9001:2000 certified labs provide
data formats and media types is required. In addi-
secure, trusted service.
tion, media with physical damage, misaligned
writes, end-of-data points and re-label errors all
We design our solutions to integrate with industry
have significant complexity associated with gaining
E-Discovery solutions including the MetaLINCS
access to the information. The particular agent
Enterprise E-Discovery Application Suite. MetaLINCS,
used and the type of data stored adds further
a Seagate company, provides a powerful soft-
complexity to the scope of the work. Unless the
ware-based E-Discovery system that effectively
data is properly prepared, the effectiveness of the
processes and analyzes data for legal review and
E-Discovery system can be significantly impaired.
Throughout the Data Restoration process, we main-
tain the integrity of your data to ensure that it meets
legal security requirements.
Know your Data Restoration Options
Seagate Recovery Services is an industry leader
in data recovery, migration, restoration and data