Recuperar Dados de HD
What is Data Recovery?
Recuperação de Dados - Empresas

An Overview of Data Recovery Issues and Techniques

Professional Data Recovery
device, human error, power surges and software
viruses. There are two categories of data loss:
Professional data recovery is the process of
obtaining usable data from inaccessible storage
Logical Failures
media and corrupted or deleted file sets.
A logical failure is when the media has not been
Computers, MP3 players and digital cameras store
physically damaged. A file may have been deleted,
data on some type of electronic media such as
reformatted or contaminated with a virus. Gener-
hard disk drives, diskettes or flash devices. Each
ally, in these situations, data is easier to recover
type of media presents different recovery challeng-
as long as the data has not been overwritten by
es. The data recovery process is very complex and
subsequent usage.
labor intensive. Successful data recovery requires
Physical Failures
an intimate understanding of all of the technical
details of modern data storage media, operat-
A physical failure is when the media has been
ing systems and sistemas de arquivos. It requires a well-
damaged or experienced a mechanical failure. Fire
equipped, controlled laboratory that is staffed with
or water damage can result in a physical failure or,
experienced, trained technicians. Without these
in the case of a disk drive, part of the mechanism
resources, the chance of losing data or causing
such as a spindle or head may have failed. In these
more harm to the media climbs considerably.
cases, the media, such as a disk drive, must first
be rebuilt before data recovery can be attempted.
Causes for Data Loss
Often, by utilizing technology and specialized tech-
There are many causes for data loss including
niques, data can be recovered but, in some cases
mechanical failure of the device, damage to the
where the drive or device is too damaged, data
recovery is impossible.
Recuperar Dados de HD
The Data Recovery Process
Seagate Recovery Services utilizes a four-step data recovery methodology:
Repair Disk
Image Disk
Retrieve Data
Restore Data
Damage to the hard
The repaired drive is
Damage or corruption
The retrieved data is
disk drive, if applica-
read and data copied
to the file system is
then copied to new
ble, is diagnosed and
to another disk,
diagnosed and repaired
media (for example
repaired. Damaged
preserving the state
to permit access to the
a USB drive) and
components are
of the data when the
individual files. Indi-
returned to the client.
replaced. Firmware
drive or media was
vidual files are checked
failures are identified
for corruption and
and repaired.
repaired if necessary.
Each data recovery case is different and the process for data recovery may need to be modified to address these differences.
Know Your Data Recovery Options
Some data recovery companies exaggerate or
quality control process. Our lab technicians are
claim artificially high recovery rates because they
qualified to handle all types of data recoveries,
only make attempts on the simplest cases. If
from more simple logical recoveries to complex
mishandled, quick-fix attempts can actually make
physical recoveries.
matters worse by further damaging the media or
We maintain an extensive inventory of parts so
corrupting the data, making data recovery even
that we can quickly and properly reconstruct disk
more challenging.
drives when necessary, and we maintain clean
Seagate Recovery Services is ISO 9001:2000
room environments to ensure your data is properly
certified meaning that we had to pass a stringent
protected throughout the recovery process.