Recuperar Dados de HD
What is Data Migration?
Serviços de Recuperação de Dados

An Overview of Data migration Issues and Techniques

The Need for Data Migration
burdensome. In addition, because tape storage has
a high failure rate, data recovery is often required in
Data Migration is the process of transferring data
order to restore the data prior to migration.
between storage types, formats, or computer
systems. It is often required when organizations
Tape recovery and data migration are one of the
change computer systems or upgrade to new
most complex activities to manage, predict and
systems. This solution is usually performed program-
perform. Tape media formats need to be read in
matically to achieve an automated migration.
their native states and imaged to a device which
permits low level edits in order to gain access to
As a result, legacy data stored on out-of-date or
the information.
obsolete formats is evaluated, indexed, de-dupli-
cated and then migrated to newer, more cost-effec-
Media with physical damage and misaligned write
tive and reliable storage media.
errors all have significant complexity associated
with gaining access to the information. The partic-
Accessing and Managing Legacy Data
ular agent used and the type of data stored further
The rapidly increasing volumes of data generated
adds complexity to the scope of the work.
by businesses can create significant data manage-
ment challenges. When responding to business
A well designed migration methodology ensures
demands or compliance and litigation require-
that your data is properly evaluated, reviewed and
ments, companies must be able to access and
restored before it is migrated to new, more acces-
organize volumes of data stored in a variety
sible and cost-effective media. And, the process
formats. Maintaining legacy tapes"and the equip-
makes certain that your valuable data is safegu
ment necessary to read them"can be costly and
arded from beginning to end.
Recuperar Dados de HD
The Data Migration Process
1. Evaluate
2. Review
3. Restore
4. Migrate
¢ All Brands
¢ Media Type
¢ Customer
¢ Recovery
¢ Index Architecture
¢ Proactive
¢ All Media
¢ State of Media
¢ Extraction
¢ Estimated Effort
and Criteria
¢ Discovery
¢ Transfer to Data
¢ Reduce Costs
¢ Streamlined Data
¢ De-dup/Purge
Unnecessary Files
¢ Retention Policies
Seagate Recovery Services utilizes a four-step data migration methodology:
Legacy media is
Customer require-
Tapes are read and,
The restored data is
evaluated. Any brand
ments are evaluated.
as necessary, data is
indexed and de-dupli-
or type of media
Considerations include
recovered before the
cated. Unnecessary
is a candidate for
if the data is being
data extraction process
and redundant files
a successful data
prepared for business,
begins and individual
are purged to reduce
compliance or litigation
files are identified and
storage requirements.
requirements. Targeted
Data is migrated to
media, such as disk
a new storage media
or other formats is
and delivered to the
Tape Formats Supported
Know Your Data Migration Options
Seagate Recovery Services supports all brands
Seagate Recovery Services is an industry leader
and formats of tape for data recovery and migration
in data recovery, migration and restoration tech-
purposes including, but not limited to, the following.
nologies. We leverage our heritage as a part of the
Seagate Technology family of companies to apply
¢¢ Exabyte/Mammoth
the latest techniques and technology for successful
¢¢ LTO
data migrations. Our ISO 9001:2000 certified labs
¢¢ Travan/QIC
¢¢ IBM 35xx/3480
¢¢ DDS
¢¢ Stortek
provide secure, trusted service.