Recuperar Dados de HD

Data Recovery

Data Management
Seagate Recovery Services is the industry forerunner and
innovator in Data Recovery, Migration, Duplication and
e-Discovery solutions.
We leverage our heritage as a subsidiary of Seagate
Technology to apply the most advanced techniques and
methodologies to recover and manage your data.
Our customers include leading companies in the
healthcare, financial and legal services industries.
Whether you rely on our expert services to restore data
from a single disk drive, find critical files on your RAID
array or migrate data from out-of-date, costly formats
to newer, more manageable storage media, our ISO
certified team is ready to help.
Recuperar Dados de HD
Data Recovery Solutions
Have you lost mission-critical data?
Have you experienced a disk drive failure?
Do you need to recover data quickly, securely and affordably?
Our services include:
Seagate Recovery
Services is the worlds
CRITICAL RESPONSE SERVICE: the industrys most comprehensive Critical
first ISO 9001:2000
Response services for efficiently and effectively restoring vital data when and
where it is needed. Our data recovery experts can be immediately deployed
certified recovery
onsite 24 x 7, 365 days a year throughout North America and Europe.
services provider.
We have lab facilities
PRIORITY SERVICE: Ideal for businesses or consumers who cannot take the
risk of incurring additional data loss, have no backup media for recovering
located throughout
data, and require their data back within two to five business days.
North America, Europe
and Asia and offer
ECONOMY SERVICE: Designed for businesses whose data recovery needs
require receiving their data back within two to four weeks, whose data resides
a complete range of
on a single PC or Mac drive and have no backup media.
services to meet your
needs. Our no files, no
Windows solution is a cost effective solution for customers whose disk drives
recovery policy
have not had any physical damage to the media.
puts you in control every
step of the way.
Recuperação de Dados Parceria
At Seagate Recovery Services we excel at making the inaccessible, accessible
again, and service any type of media and any brand. Let us apply our unique
expertise and experience to help you solve your toughest data recovery
Recuperar Dados de HD
Data ManagemenT
AND Migration Solutions
Do you need to¦
¦migrate your data without disruption to your business?
¦reduce costs associated with managing legacy backup systems?
¦resolve data redundancy problems?
¦locate specific files on media?
DATA MIGRATION: We offer the industrys most reliable data migration services
Seagate Recovery
for all brands, and industry standard and proprietary formats of media. Our
Services provides
solutions effectively manage the impact of moving high volumes of data to new
storage platforms and more manageable and cost-effective formats.
comprehensive services
to locate, streamline
MEDICAL RECORDS MANAGEMENT: Our data management solutions enable
and manage your
health care service providers to optimally manage the volumes of data associated
with delivering medical services. We can consolidate data from various sources
mission-critical and
into a single, unified, indexed repository that makes locating records easy and
legacy data. Whether
affordable. Our HIPAA, DICOM and PACS compliant services maintain data
consolidating records
security and compliance standards.
into a more manageable
FORENSIC SUPPORT SERVICES: We work closely with law enforcement
storage system, or
agencies and legal and corporate investigators to recover highly sensitive
tracking files to support
information to identify and track criminal and civil violations. Our services
include data recovery from accidental or intentional deletion, managing large
litigation, we apply
volumes of data, cataloguing of data volumes and data accessibility.
our industry leading
technical expertise to
FINANCIAL RECORDS MANAGEMENT: Using our solutions, financial
service providers can more securely and effectively manage the volumes of
meet your needs.
data associated with financial, banking and retail transactions. Our solutions
consolidate data from any media into unified, indexed repositories that make
record management easy and affordable.
Recuperar Dados de HD
n The Most Advanced Technology
n Data Migration and Recovery for
Any Media, Any Brand
n Highest Data Recovery Rate
n Forensic Support Services
n Medical, Financial and Legal
Industry Expertise
n Highest Levels of Customer Satisfaction
n Safe and Secure Processes
n ISO Certified Labs
n Offices and Partners Around the World
Seagate Recovery Services is a subsidiary of Seagate
Services. The Seagate Services family of companies
provides comprehensive data backup, archiving,
recovery, discovery and security services solutions.
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