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ActionFront Completes First Data Recovery Cases

Using SignalTrace Technology
Groundbreaking technology is used to restore
previously unrecoverable digital data
Chicago, IL, May 9, 2006 -
a leader in
ActionFront Data Recovery Labs,
resolving business-critical data loss for all brands and formats of digital media, is
pleased to announce the deployment of SignalTrace into regular production
and the first customer recoveries using this revolutionary drive-independent
SignalTrace technology can recover data from media that is so severely
damaged it cannot be addressed by traditional recovery methods. By replacing
the exacting, optimized signal processing and positioning functions of hyper-
tuned disk drives with custom hardware, software and algorithms to precisely
locate particular sectors of data, SignalTrace recovers each user bit
individually - independent of the drives specific hardware.
Emerging from a comprehensive R & D stage, SignalTrace procedures were
successfully applied to recover data from drives experiencing significant drive
head degradation. Because conventional internal parts replacement recovery
methods would prove insufficient, these hard drives were ideal candidates for
SignalTrace recovery techniques.
SignalTrace is the result of many years of research and a substantial
investment of ActionFront resources.
ActionFront first announced the
development of this advanced data recovery procedure and methodology in
2004. From an initial prototype, following extensive testing, SignalTrace has
now been brought into full production. In his white paper entitled Recovering
Unrecoverable Data, The Need for Drive Independent Data Recovery
H. Sobey, Chief Scientist of ChannelScience, stated that SignalTrace is the
only solution known to date that can recover user data from modern previously
un-recoverable drives.
This is truly a landmark achievement in the data recovery industry, commented
Christian Sorensen, ActionFronts Vice President of Technical Operations.
ActionFronts drive-independent recovery methodology opens the door to even
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Recuperar Dados de HD
the most challenging recoveries from any brand of hard drive. We are extremely
proud to be the first to offer this solution to businesses and individuals who
otherwise would have never gained access to their valuable data. We are
looking forward to leveraging Seagates drive engineering expertise and
resources in our continued advancement of SignalTrace technology.
About ActionFront Data Recovery Labs
ActionFront Data Recovery Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate
Technology. Since 1989, ActionFront has been an industry forerunner and
innovator in recovering inaccessible or corrupted data from all digital media,
including computers, servers and back-ups. ActionFront is the worlds only ISO
9001:2000 certified recovery services provider serving thousands of consumer
and business clients from its facilities around the globe.
Seagate and Seagate Technology are registered trademarks of Seagate
Technology LLC. ActionFront is a trademark or registered trademark of
ActionFront Data Recovery Labs. SignalTrace is a trademark of ActionFront Data
Recovery Labs.
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